Additional services

Filtration service "Children's Internet protection"

Parents who teach their children modern infocommunication technologies, but are also interested in protecting their children from undesirable and negative impact of the Internet, can use the filtering service from BİRLink "Children's Internet Protection".

Birlink provides this service by the technologies of Websense which is considered the leading company on security affairs.

The main categories of filtration are:

  • Pornography
  • Foul language
  • Violence
  • Extremism
  • Adult social networks and. T. D


Static IP address

"Static IP-address" - your permanent address on the Internet, which is assigned to your login and remains unchanged at all times.

A static IP address will be useful if you need to:

Organize your own server with a permanent address;

To organize remote access to the computer;

To organize remote access to apartment video surveillance cameras;

Use separate online services that require authorization with reference to the IP address (file storage, Internet banking, game servers and others.);

Organize a VPN connection (for example, a VPN connection from home to the office network).

* Monthly subscription fee of Static IP-address for Individuals 2 AZN.

Adult social networks and. T. D Care Department at: (+994 12) 599 11 99.

City phone

In the case of connecting to internet via Birlink You can get a city number using the additional SIP telephony service. SIP telephony is a modern alternative of traditional telephone communication.


* The fee for receiving the SIP number is collected once separately.

** The monthly subscription fee is 2.50 AZN (paid to the partner company)

*** For detailed information, please contact the Customer Services *1199


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